Brand Energy Solutions serves the refining, petrochemical, power generation, pulp and paper, infrastructure, food and beverage, and cryogenics industries with its access, scaffolding, rope access, insulation, fireproofing, coatings and asset management program solutions.

Petrochemical Industry

For refining facilities, Brand Energy Solutions has years of experience that will help make your project hassle free.

Pulp and Paper Industry

Brand Energy Solutions has provided soft-craft services to pulp and paper facilities for several years. We offer custom coatings, insulation and access solutions for high-pressure turbines, paper machines and equipment in the entire operation.

Food and Beverage Industry

In the varied food and beverage industries, Brand has relationships with many companies. We regularly provide services for jobs in commercial food preparation and packing facilities.


In this highly technical, highly specialized industry, Brand provides custom insulation solutions, for both construction and maintenance projects. Brand also has inspection and repair teams to assess and solve corrosion under insulation (CUI) problems.

Why Brand Energy Solutions?

Brand Energy Solutions provides customers with key historical information regarding past projects, as well as agreed-upon KPIs throughout a project. This information helps ensure everyone involved in a project is focused on the schedule, following a clearly defined critical path and maintaining important priorities. These details provide the capability to identify and proactively eliminate any potential issues.

Every aspect of a project is carefully monitored and measured to ensure that we deliver clear, visible value in the most efficient manner possible. Brand Energy Solutions also:

  • Engages customers and contractors during the planning and scheduling process
  • Uses a disciplined workface planning methodology to maximize tool time
  • Tracks and measures every aspect of a project, before, during and after its completion
  • Offers a solid estimate up front and reports monitoring costs throughout a project
  • Leverages the largest engineering staff in the industry to design the most efficient solutions
  • Provides industry-specific, experienced management and training
  • Applies the experience and knowledge of our award-winning safety team and offers a dedicated training university